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Kanger eVod Tank

Kanger eVod Tank
Kanger eVods
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Kanger eVod:

This tank system is great! It's easy to use, fill, clean, and delivers clean vape. 

It's aluminum shell makes it a more durable design compared to the CE4 clearomizer, and with the interchangeable coils on the inside, it makes the eVod easy to rinse the liquid out and do maintenance.  The tank holds about 1.8ml of liquid, giving you plenty of vapor to last you throughout the day. 

The mouth tip does not unscrew or come off.  To fill, turn the tank upside down and unscrew, keeping the remaining liquid in the tip of the tank.  Look through the eVod's clear window and fill up to the brim of the cylinder inside, then screw the base back down tightly.  Always make sure the coil that is threaded to the base plate is secured tightly otherwise it will have trouble making a connection to the battery and therefore not work.  If the threading is off sometimes this will also cause leaking.

The Kanger coils, or atomizer head units, in the base plate of the eVod will need to be changed out periodically.  Usually after 10-20 days of use the taste of the eVod will become bland or taste a little burnt.  For changing the coils, open the eVod tank and untwist the coil by twisting to the left.  You should be able to grip the coil piece by the little peg sticking up from the base. 

*Priming the wicks is a good idea to try before replacing them, just incase the coils are a little dry.  To prime the wicks stand the eVod straight up upon installation, grab the eVod by the bottom cuff that covers the threading to your battery and twist the top of the tank 1/4-1/2 turns about 5-10 times.  This releases some of the liquid into the wicks and keeps your flavor fresh.  Typically do this whenever changing out the liquid, coils, or if the eVod has not been used for a while.

If gurgling ever occurs, typically e-liquid has gotten into the metal tube in the center of the clearomizer and spit a little excess liquid onto the coils.  Sometimes you can swab it out with a dry Q-tip or you can empty the tank and blow the excess liquid through the tube.

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